A new year, new goals

I never make a New Year’s resolution, but shooting for fun about a month ago really got to me. It was more than just a creative outlet with no client pressures, it was also FUN, and helped me try some new things. So I guess I’m still not going to officially commit to a proper New Year’s resolution, but I am going to find some balance in 2014, that includes shooting and editing time off the paid clock. I might start sharing some of my travel pics, of little projects, maybe even a picture of two of my dog. I love photography, and it’s more than just my job.

I want to thank everyone who worked on this for fun project, this is just part 1, the second half is coming soon! 🙂  Yeah for Christmas break to catch up on some things.

I especially want to thank Naphtali Carleton, for being an awesome make up artist, and the real creative force on this.

Nathan MacNeil for doing all the hair, and taking time away from getting his own beautiful salon ready to help me out.

Amanda Walker for second shooting, assisting, and being all round awesome.

Both of our beautiful models Emily Ewer (on this post) and Brianna Hagell (coming soon!).




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