Meghan and Mike | Halifax Wedding Photographer

Normally when I mention to people that I am a wedding photographer the first thing they say is ‘Oh that must be awful giving up your weekends’ normally I respond politely with a quick ‘sure’ and move on in the conversation. I am here to clear the air….I love shooting weddings! I love weddings! I love my clients! I love spending my weekends at my awesome client’s weddings! It’s fun, and ridiculously exhausting, but mostly fun!

I met Meghan and Mike two years ago at a wedding and I immediately wanted to shoot their wedding (I don’t know if they were engaged at the time, but if they were going in that direction… I wanted to be there). Meghan and I clicked right away, so it was a treat to shoot this wedding. They had an awesome bridal party filled with lots of personality and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Saturday anywhere else. Thanks to Amanda Walker for being my right hand (wo)man and to Meghan and Mike for having us along 🙂 you both looked great, and your wedding was perfection!


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