Finding Love and Luck at the Casino | Halifax Wedding Photographer

The love of basketball and teaching continued to bring Ryan and Christina into each others paths, the story of how the eventually went out on the first date is a good one. It involves cancelled plans, missed emails, and in the end a pretty perfect match was made. They have a lot in common and compliment each other perfectly.

Christina wins the award for the most infectious smile! If you can spend 5 minutes with her and not smile, you are made of stone! 🙂 Seriously! I smiled just looking at her photos again. Ryan and Christina decided to have fun on their wedding day, and they did. The extreme warm day didn’t seem to crush anyones spirits. There was a stop at the Lower Deck to escape the heat, and then we carried on and ran around town getting pics.

Thanks to Ryan and Christina for having us, and Amanda Walker for being a super duper second shooter!

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