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I debated whether to tell this story or not, and in the end I decided it was a tough lesson learned for me, so why not share?!

It was a gorgeous night, a beautiful couple, and an awesome location, what could go wrong? As we were shooting away, having a blast, we were approached by a photographer couple who had also been shooting at the beach that night. They had bad news, my vehicle window had been smashed in, and they saw people fleeing the scene. I had been robbed, unfortunately my assistant and I both had our purses in the car, which had been snatched up. I never have a purse with me on a shoot, but I do always have back up, and extra gear in the back of my car. Luckily all the gear was in place, probably because they had thankfully been interrupted.

Stephanie and Dave were so awesome during the whole ordeal. I think Steph was more angry than me 🙂 I honestly can’t wait to shoot their wedding, I know they will just be amazing to work with, and they’re a gorgeous couple (I will post pics after my big rant 😉 ).

Anyway, I guess the lesson learned is to be careful, guard your gear and your belongings! Don’t learn your lesson the hard way.

To be honest at first I was livid, I felt violated, and in general was thinking how awful people can be. I later thought about all the awesome people who helped me come out on top, so I would like to take a quick second to thank them now 🙂

Adam – My awesome better half, who stayed up half the night with me, cancelling things, talking to the police, doing whatever had to be done. I’d love to be half as organized some day. Also for rubbing it in my face too much for being so ‘careless’ 😉

Stephanie and David – You guys are awesome, and I so appreciate how thoughtful you guys were, and Dave’s rescue efforts did not go unnoticed !

Amanda Walker- Super assistant, who had just lost her purse but was more concerned for my lost belongings, and my trip I was headed on the next day 🙂 Also, she drove home in the chilly air, glass filled car, with me at my worst!

Johnson Photography- Big thanks to both Matthew and Johnna for coming together to help a fellow photog in need!! You guys rock!

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